I'm happiest when I'm creating - family, memories, stories, or something from nothing—artwork. In those moments, time stands still.

To me, they're sacred moments because they're the kind that can make a difference in someone's life—including my own. Too many would-be artists have been discouraged from trying something new. I see it as my privilege to change that. Each person brings something unique to the world of art and I love to show them what that is.

For the painting classes, I love changing things up, building on the last step by example and reaching a bit higher with each class and each student. We never simply craft a painting—we create a memory, and more. It's an incredible joy to hear back from a person about how the class they took inspired them to create at home or to host their own event so they can share the experience with others. It means that I did my job.  

For the murals, the challenge is to change a space into a place, creating an atmosphere and mood using only paint. Something intrigues me about being able to completely transform a room using nothing but one's imagination. A historic entrance, a jungle hideout, lofty skies and fairytale castles, intoxicating mountain views, or exotic vacation spots—all of them are mural-worthy and I love every minute of the process. 

I'm happiest when I'm creating and even happier to share it with you. Please take a minute to look at the classes coming up in your area and the many different projects in the mural gallery. I hope you'll be inspired.